Accurate translation and interpreting of foreign languages is essential for successful international business. Whilst online translation tools are improving, only human translators can navigate idioms, abbreviations and subtle cultural references to create meaningful and accurate language that resonates with its audience.

Why choose us?

  • We will provide a prompt, accurate and high-quality service, ensuring that you and your clients understand each other and can communicate effectively.
  • We work with an extensive network of specialist, qualified translators and interpreters, whose in-depth knowledge covers a wide range of specialist subjects and some of whom specialise in localisation, proofreading, editing and subtitling. Our translators only translate into their mother tongue.
  • We have experience of translating:
    • technical and business reports (eg nuclear decommissioning, biotech engineering)
    • IT eg Cloud storage solutions (marketing materials, subtitling for webinars)
    • legal documents
    • safety data sheets
    • marketing surveys
    • websites including localisation
    • manufacturing manuals
    • documents needing to be certified (eg birth certificates)
    • medical reports
    • business books
    • food and cosmetics labels
    • localisation for mobile games.
  • We offer translation and interpreting services in a wide range of languages, including but not limited to: French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Flemish, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovakian, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Bengali, Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi, Farsi, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Japanese and Thai.
  • We can project manage larger translations into multiple languages.

On receipt of your document, we will quote you a rate based on the word count of the source material. Rates vary depending on factors such as language, complexity and technicality of the content and document format.

We understand that you will often be working to a tight deadline, and will always discuss timeframes with you to try our best to deliver your translation when you need it.


Translators will of course always proofread their own work carefully before delivering it to us. However some clients choose to have their document proofread by an independent translator as part of their quality process. The proofreading process will include:

  • Grammar check
  • Spell check
  • Punctuation (including quotation marks being language specific)
  • Printing errors
  • Text missing from the source document
  • Page numbering, chapter titles etc in headers and footers
  • Any special characters correctly printed
  • Formatting (bold, italics, bullets)

The editing process is a more in-depth check and potential revision of the translated document, with style, consistency and localisation (appropriacy of language for a local or regional market) coming under consideration. The resulting text should read naturally and make sense to its audience. There is a balance to be struck between keeping closely to the original text and making the translated document sound natural. During this process there will be frequent communication between you, our account manager and the translator/editor, ensuring that you are entirely satisfied with the end product.


Localisation means adapting the content of a product or service to the appropriate and culturally sensitive language of a country. It can be used for product names, video content, voiceovers, websites, mobile games and software. Use of slang is a particular minefield. Numerous examples exist where content was not localised correctly, for example KFC launching in China with the phrase ‘fingerlickin’ good’ when translated into Mandarin came across as ‘eat your fingers off’!

Interpreting Styles

Simultaneous: for conferences or events where a number of delegates require language support. This usually requires a pair of interpreters and audio equipment.

Consecutive or sequential: for meetings and smaller groups where our interpreter works alongside you to facilitate effective two-way conversation.

Over the shoulder or whispered: when only one or two people require language support, our interpreter sits close to your delegates and whispers a simultaneous interpretation

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