Do you have key staff currently furloughed due to Covid-19?  Did you realise that furloughed employees can take part in training, “as long as it does not provide services to or generate revenue for your organisation”?

Now could be the ideal time for them to undertake some business language training, and our online, tailored lessons with qualified and experienced tutors could be just the solution you are looking for.

Training whilst on furlough is beneficial for your company, allowing staff to upskill and use furloughed time productively and prepare for coming out of the pandemic stronger.

What a great opportunity for staff to reengage with long-forgotten language skills and in fact be able to bring them to a good level in a relatively short time.  Alternatively, staff can learn some basic language skills in order to engage with clients or colleagues abroad.  Even a few words can make a huge difference for building rapport! 

Lessons can be 1:1, allowing the tutor to target the precise requirements for the learner, taking their previous experience into account.  Alongside self-study, learners will make rapid progress.  Alternatively, remote tutoring of small groups is of course also possible, introducing further elements of interaction with colleagues and team building during isolation. 

The benefits of training for employees’ mental health is clear, as they battle with isolation, lethargy and lack of focus.  Setting targets and learning a new skill are indeed recommended by experts as a way of achieving good mental health during this exceptionally difficult time.  Your employees will feel valued, motivated and stimulated.

It is now recognised that there is a huge shortage of language speakers in the UK  which will become increasingly sought after.  Give your company the competitive edge by encouraging employees with language skills.

With 30 years’ experience of providing business language training, Corinium Language Associates can offer you personal, tailored remote courses on your terms.  Contact us today to discuss how we could help you!