The choice between group and individual lessons can be a tricky one. Here are some of the advantages of each to consider.  Both are available online:

Why choose individual lessons?

  • maximum teacher contact time with learner
  • more time for talking practice
  • content is precisely tailored to your needs and learning style
  • can work on specific work projects in lessons eg a presentation to prepare, a complex paper to understand, a sensitive email to send
  • can tackle specific problems eg an ingrained pronunciation issue or grammar mistake
  • flexibility - can arrange lessons to suit diary and cancel lessons if learner not available
  • less embarrassment in front of peers
  • no one to hide behind (no coasting!)

Why choose group lessons?

  • fun and dynamic
  • peer to peer learning (collaborative learning style) is very successful
  • easier for practising presentations/meetings etc
  • practise with a variety of people
  • get over stigma of speaking a different language
  • healthy competition
  • fosters team-building/cross-company co-operation
  • reinforcement of language as you hear your peers
  • more time and cost effective