We have a broad range of clients in both small and large companies across many sectors learning languages such as German for work or French for work. Here are a few examples of recent language lessons set up.

1. Individual German lessons

A UK-based manager was travelling to Germany each week where his team was based. The company language was English, but he was feeling frustrated and embarrassed that he didn’t speak any German. His colleagues tended to chat in German before and after meetings and he felt he was missing out on relationship-building opportunities.

He contacted Corinium and discussed his needs and previous experience with languages and his availability. Within 2 weeks he started a tailor-made course of weekly 2-hour German lessons with our local, native German tutor, who took into account his preferred learning style and desire to concentrate on the skills of listening and speaking rather than reading and writing.

Within a few months, he reported feeling more engaged and less isolated whilst with his team, understanding the gist of their conversations and having earned their respect for making an effort towards learning their language.

2. Intensive German lessons

An extremely busy executive approached us with a pressing business need to learn German. He decided to have a week of intensive lessons to kick start his learning and to give himself space to concentrate entirely on it. He had 6 hours of lessons a day over 5 days, with 3 different teachers. He appreciated the changes in style and personality of each teacher which helped him stay focused on his learning and was pleasantly surprised by how much he had progressed in the week. He then progressed on to weekly individual lessons which gave him the flexibility around his diary that he needed.

3. Japanese for a variety of needs and learners

A company established the need for Japanese language classes amongst their staff. Some required basic vocabulary to greet regular visitors from Head Office; others were going to Japan for a 6-month secondment. They decided to opt for a combination of one-to-one and group classes, with our tutor visiting 3 days a week. Corinium acted as administrator for training, booking lessons on a weekly basis according to individuals’ availability, reporting attendance to HR and liaising with learners, the tutor and the HR contact.

4. English language lessons

A manufacturing company with an international workforce of warehouse staff set up group English lessons with Corinium to fit in around shift patterns. Their motivation was to ensure that staff were able to understand instructions and signs in the workplace and also to facilitate employees’ progression in the company which might otherwise be held back by language restrictions. EFL lessons gave staff easier access to training courses and written English practice helped prepare them for the demands of supervisory or managerial roles.

5. English language lessons

A company employed 2 overseas nationals to carry out gardening and housekeeping duties. They had very limited English which affected their ability to understand written and spoken instructions, access to training with particular concern about Health & Safety, confidence and integration into the rest of the team and community. An EFL course was designed to cover specific vocabulary for their work, socialising phrases, listening skills and language to increase their access to local services eg GP visits. After only a couple of months of lessons, they were more confident in their social and work interactions and felt empowered and valued by the experience.