Here are 5 reasons why we advocate face-to-face or Skype lessons as opposed to learning solely online or with a mobile app:

Face to Face Language Training

1. Tailored courses

All our courses are designed to meet our learners’ needs. The teacher will adapt lessons to suit learning style, interests and problem areas, and can change the lesson plan on the day if required. A learner with an urgent presentation to give, a difficult email to compose or simply an area of grammar that they cannot grasp, can expect the teacher to address that request straightaway. This is clearly not possible with a set online course.

2. Personal feedback and encouragement

Our qualified and experienced teachers will adapt their communication and feedback style to suit their learner and ensure that their message is understood. You can’t beat encouragement by a physically present, emotionally intelligent teacher when tackling the French subjunctive or German adjectival endings!

3. Interaction and discussion

Curiosity and exploration are important elements in the learning process. Learners can ask questions and tap into the teacher’s personal experience whilst having a face-to-face lesson, thus deepening their knowledge and exploring the areas of language in the way they need to in order to understand.

4. Concentration

Whilst doing online training, it can be much harder to concentrate and stay motivated, even to the point where we can end up ‘multi-tasking’ and getting distracted, thus limiting the effectiveness of the course. A teacher in the room will use strategies to keep learners engaged and on task, and multi-tasking won’t be an option!

5. Physical lessons

Particularly for active, kinaesthetic learners who need their learning to be set in real life with authentic materials and practical lessons, face-to-face lessons are far more effective. Moving around, role play, using props, can all help lodge new language in their memory better than sitting still at their screen.