Moving abroad for a work assignment can be both an exciting and daunting prospect, especially if you are moving with your family. Fitting in with a different work culture (even if part of your own company) can take time, and a basic understanding of business communications and working styles and expectations before you go will really help. Outside working life, you will also be adjusting to everyday living and wanting to settle as quickly as possible.

Having a good understanding of your own culture is the first most important step to global dexterity. The influence of your own culture is often invisible to you, just like water is to a fish.

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Experience shows that those who receive training and are equipped with the tools to help them adapt will settle more quickly, make a greater success of their period abroad and work more productively than those who arrive unprepared.

We offer 2 types of training session: an in-depth workshop examining and developing cross-cultural intelligence and strategies and a shorter more practical session preparing you for life abroad with business and social etiquette and what to expect.

Both sessions will be tailored to meet your individual requirements and will be delivered by a country expert.

‘Preparing For An Assignment Abroad’ Workshop

This interactive training workshop will help you prepare for moving abroad by enhancing your intercultural awareness and skills. Content will include:

  • Gain a better understanding of culture and cultural intelligence and an examination of our own assumptions and experiences
  • An overview of the specific country’s cultural values and how they impact business relationships and everyday living
  • Learn to recognise cultural differences and misunderstandings and develop strategies to address and avoid them
  • Effective communication
  • Working styles, understanding of different planning and work processes; perception and meaning of time
  • Building trust across cultures
  • Addressing the impact of culture shock and identifying coping strategies

Country-Specific Training

We can offer this for any country. Content can be tailored according to requirements but will generally include:

  • An introduction to the country – geography, history, politics and how these have impacted cultural values
  • Practical tips for daily living
    • Practical matters e.g. accessing healthcare, schooling, transport
    • Societal values and behaviours
    • Greetings and social occasions including meals, gift giving
  • Decoding body language, facial expressions and gestures
  • Strategies for working effectively
    • Giving and receiving feedback
    • Team working
    • Meeting styles
    • Conflict resolution
    • Negotiation

We can also provide follow-up coaching sessions after this workshop.

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