Cultural differences can have a major impact on the success of a sales or marketing campaign in a new foreign market and should be the starting point when planning a strategy. Misunderstanding the market and making cultural blunders can be a disaster when launching a new product.

Corinium Language Associates will tailor a course to meet your company’s precise needs, but content could include:

  • An understanding of culture and how cultural values may impact business relationships and attitudes towards sales
  • An examination of the target country’s cultural values
  • Overview of the target country (political, cultural, religious, business aspects to be aware of)
  • Effective verbal and non-verbal communications - minimising intercultural misunderstandings and decoding body language, facial expressions and gestures.
  • Business meetings - keys to success, creating a positive image and first impression
  • Differences in negotiating styles, conflict resolution
  • Business etiquette – dress code, gifts, expectations
  • A few basic language expressions to allow you to build rapport quickly and give a great first impression.

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Marketing and Selling into a Foreign Market