Managing a multicultural team, whether remotely or face to face in the UK, can bring a set of unique challenges. But organisations benefit enormously when cultural diversity is harnessed enabling teams to achieve high performance. Intercultural training will support you in developing a global mindset through cultural self-awareness and will help you integrate different values and practices in your workplace. The overall objective will be to empower you to lead a fully functioning and productive team with all members feeling valued and understood.

Managing multicultural teams

We will design a bespoke workshop to address your particular situation and previous experience. Content will include:

  • An understanding of culture and how cultural values may impact business relationships and behaviour
  • An examination of your own assumptions and previous experiences with different cultures and your own management style
  • An in-depth examination of a specific culture’s business style where appropriate
  • Communication styles both written and oral including giving feedback and recognising intercultural misunderstandings
  • Non-verbal communications
  • Effective conflict management
  • Specific strategies to enable harmonious and effective team work

The workshop can be a half day, day or series of half day sessions. It can lead into intercultural coaching sessions, if desired.

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