Moving to the UK can be very challenging, even if you are a fluent or native English speaker. Fitting in with a different work culture (even if part of your own company) can take time, and a basic understanding of business communications and working styles and expectations before you come will really help.

Training will help you, or members of your team, start to decode UK everyday culture, traditions and ways of working and therefore adapt and settle more quickly.

Living and working in the UK

Experience shows that those who receive training and are equipped with the tools to help them adapt will settle more quickly, make a greater success of their period abroad and work more productively than those who arrive unprepared.

A session will be designed around your particular requirements and situation, but could include:

  • Cultural awareness and how developing sensitivity will aid the process of successfully settling and working in the UK
  • Examination of our own expectations and stereotypes about the UK plus our self-perception and perception of others
  • Core cultural values in the UK and how they impact on business culture
  • Communication styles and strategies including
    • informality and subtleties of linguistic usage – characteristics of British communication (including humour and small talk)
    • receiving and giving feedback with intercultural sensitivity
    • decoding body language, facial expressions and gestures
    • avoiding misunderstandings and confusion
  • UK leadership styles
    • Hierarchy and status within companies including use of titles and informal behaviour and appearance amongst leaders
    • Trust and relationship building
    • Negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Meetings and team work
  • Presentations – how to win over your audience
  • Culture shock – addressing its impact and identifying coping strategies
  • Everyday living in the UK

We can also provide follow-up coaching sessions after this workshop.

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