The ability to work successfully across cultures is one of the most valuable skills for the 21st century, enabling businesses to thrive in today’s global work environment.

Every country and culture thinks and operates in different ways and has its own values and working styles. Traditional British understatement can be confusing or misleading to foreigners who find our particular coded language difficult to decipher. Yet we can find communications with cultures used to being direct, frank and honest slightly blunt or even rude.

Intercultural training enables you to develop a global mindset through cultural self-awareness, openness and understanding of other cultures, and the ability to integrate different values and practices in the workplace. It will help you adjust your communication style and behaviour to the cultural framework (known as ‘code switching’). Developing these skills will increase the likelihood of success of international assignments, cooperation and business ventures and will optimise the benefits of multicultural teams working virtually and face-to-face.

What is Intercultural Training?

At Corinium Language Associates we provide you with customised solutions for any situation, aimed at groups or individuals, lasting ½ day, a day or several days. Examples of our tailored workshops include:

  • Preparation for moving abroad for work
  • Living and working in the UK
  • Managing multicultural teams
  • Selling into a foreign market
  • Intercultural coaching

Why choose us?

  • You will have a qualified and experienced intercultural trainer as your account manager who will work with you throughout the process
  • For each situation we will develop a workshop tailored exactly to your requirements and goals
  • We have a network of highly specialised intercultural trainers and will select the right one for you